Friday, 24 April 2015

2 months

So things have healed rather well!
I scar line is nice and healed, i have a few suture lines and what could be a little bit of fiber from the sutures still in there as I get a little pain every now and again, the doctor tells me this is all right and it will go away.
I'm still upset with the fact that I don't have a full circumcision but I can easily fix that.

I am loving how my penis now looks when fully erect, its a big turn on for me. Being bi I have always referenced cut penis' over uncut and now I have one of my own.
My penis head has actually plumped up a bit and now feels like soft velvet. It hasn't dried out like anti-circers say.

I have however lost the tiniest little bit of sensitivity, but its hardly noticeable. It actually could just be the fact that I've gotten use to the feelings.

I don't really have to much to update with as I haven't really had sex with it yet.

An erect pic. 
(Can I just say that I look quite small in that picture but im pretty average at 5.5" but im rather thick at 5" so i guess thats what makes it look smaller :P)

Sunday, 15 March 2015

1 week, 3 days

So today I succumbed to the sexual tension that was my morning erection.
It was a great wank, which ended with me using my fleshjack.
OMG!!! I felt everything!!! it was amazing! before when I had my foreskin I hardly felt anything. but this was amazing!!!

Anyway, the swelling has gone down and half of the sutures have come out...Well more so I just removed them. I only have the left hand side in which I will leave them in for another couple of days.
But it felt good removing those sutures. I think I removed them just in time because I don't have any skin tunneling!

My morning erections aren't hurting anymore which is great! I had a checkup with the doctor the other just in case there was some infection starting, but everything is healing well.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


lol It seems I've had my days all mixed up!
Today marks one week and 4 hours since I had the circumcision and things are looking pretty good!

I thought I would add some pictures I've taken.

Before (Obviously):
Penis resting with foreskin sitting just over the ridge. When standing you body actually pulls on your penis, so its longer laying down and it is standing. When standing the foreskin covers much more of the head.
You can also see the plaster I've had to put on to cover the sore.
The skin looks crusty because its been dried from rubbing against my jocks all day. Plus I've been freeballing a bit...well alot actually lol.


Pulling what foreskin I have left back. The brown mark on the left is a bruise from what I can only assume was forceps. There is another one where my index finger is.
These bruises are quite painful.


Mess of stickers at the back of the penis, these are the sutures that are hurting the most. The red dot above the pee hole is where my frenulum was attached, But due to a piercing I had there it tore pretty much all of it apart from top and bottom.

You can also see some white gunk. Whilst this may look like puss and there for an infection this is not the case. The white is caused by lymphatic liquid leaking. This is what causes the swelling.
Now if it was yellow and custard looking that would be puss. So lucky none of that.
The sutures have been stained yellow from urine in the days following the operation when it was still wrapped up.

Now that the swelling has gone down, im starting to like it more and more but I'm still not 100% on it. For that reason I have decided that when I reach Canada in October I will be having a revision circumcision to remove the lose state when flaccid.
The whole point of a circumcision is to remove the foreskin. Not remove it and then create half a one with left over foreskin.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day 6

well today marks one week as a circumcised man :)
I'm not as upset with the partial now.
I was not able to make it to the doctors after work yesterday to get that sore checked out, so I put a rather large bandaid on it which seems to have helped. Maybe it eas cased by friction from the massive bandage I had in after the circumcision.

Night time erections are becoming a real problem though, they wake me up because they hurt so much :/ hopefully they settle down soon enough >.>

Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 5 aka The Relief

Today was pretty sore. However it wasn't the circumcision that was sore, the doctor must have used some forceps at the base of my penis because there is a very sore sore. I think I might go get it checked out tonight because it is very very sore and wakes me up at night.
Other things that are waking me up are erections. They are very strong and are pulling on the sutures. So to elevate that I had a very soft wank. I lightly rubbed the head and shaft so no strain was put in the join. I'm happy with how my penis looks erect. It was nice and tight, but still swollen :/
I tell you what though, despite the little bit of pain, it was one the best wanks I've ever had. I normally don't leak a lot of pre-cum but last night I did! The relief was wonderfully glorious! But that is the only time I will wank until the suture dissolve.

I had to run after my dog that escaped yesterday and that hurt a bit. Mainly because the part of the head that is exposed was rubbing against my boxer briefs and it's not use to that :)

Well off to the doctors tonight.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 3

So it's been three days now and I'm still really depressed with a partial circumcision rather than a full one :\ like really depressed.
Nothing really to report other than I took the bandage off yesterday.

You know one thing all these other bloggs go on about is the pain, I've yet to experience anything remotely close to wha they are going on about.
One thing they don't mention is how Goddamn itchy it is right now. Like its really really really itchy.
I almost need one of those Victorian collars they put on animals. Or I need to be taped up with oven mits like phoebe from friends when she has chicken poxs.

I'm about to head to bed now and I just pray that no erections wake me up like they did last night.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 2

So last night was a little interesting. I had a bit of pain just as I was going to sleep.
This was becuase I had to rewrap the bandage as it came off a bit. Hurt like a bitch really, kinda felt like when you wank yourself raw and then take a piss the next day, thats really the only thing I can relate it too.

Today was good, no real pain only inklings of pain here and there but nothing bad.
I've just gotten home from work and taken the bandage off.
I am a little disappointed with the circumcision, he told me during the consultation that due to my fat pad above my cock it was pushing my skin down, He said he would do the circumcision, but he wont take as much as he normally does. When flaccid you see about half of my head, but when erect you fully see the head. A revision circumcision is definitely on the cards down the track once I've lost some weight.
Apart from that though, im fairly happy with it. I just wish he took more off.